About Us

Welcome to Tshirtwala

Tshirtwala is an independent clothing label started with a vision to provide contemporary clothing and accessories for the modern Indian.


We are the t-shirt experts

Yeah well, everyone claims that, what’s different about Tshirtwala? What’s different is that we actually mean it. Our t-shirts are meticulously made. We don’t just outsource our t-shirt manufacturing to sweatshops. We like diving deep. We handpick the finest yarns that go into making our t-shirts. The yarns are then sent for knitting in factories. The knitted fabric is then dyed. We choose our colors only after a lot of research. We use environment-friendly dyes. We ensure the factories our t-shirts are manufactured are ethical with good working conditions and are environment-friendly. We make sure the stitching on our t-shirts is long lasting. We do a lot of quality checking and testing before our t-shirts are shipped to you.

Not just that, but we consistently post tips and tricks on how to take care of your t-shirt, lesser-known truths about knits, how to test the quality of your t-shirts and more on our blog.

We are art lovers by blood and soul, nothing makes us as happy as good work of art, err, except delicious food! T-shirts are not just an article of clothing, it’s a medium of expression and a very powerful one at that. You don’t just make a fashion statement with t-shirts, you also show the world your thoughts. When you combine art and power of expression of a t-shirt, it can become a beautiful thing indeed. It can make people think, it can change the society, it can spur revolutions. That’s what we strive for. We strive to make beautiful, powerful and expressive art, something that is lacking in this modern t-shirt industry.


We do accessories too, just so you know

We are always on a lookout for new mediums of expressions or new canvases if you will. And we’ve been able to find quite a few. Which is why, we also make our art available on mobile-cases, notebooks, and posters.

If you’ve made it so far, thank you for reading our long-winded vision. Now go, have a look at our store!