Artists Terms and Conditions

Design Guidelines:

  • The theme of the design should be generic as we would not like to infringe on any intellectual property. Please keep this in mind while designing as we will not be able to accept the artwork otherwise. Spoofs are allowed but they legally fall under a grey area.
  • To get a sense of the kind of designs we approve, it would be best to check out the artwork on the website ( made by our in-house design team.
  • We are looking for fresh, original work which isn’t available anywhere on the net. Be very careful while taking inspiration from an artist/ design based on the same or a similar theme. You can always use the internet for reference.
  • Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to run any ideas by us and we can help you out.
  • We only accept artworks made digitally which you can send at this email ID.


What do designers get?

  1. You will get all the credits for the design on the website and social media.
  2. You’ll get exposure through Tshirtwala’s social media and blog.
  3. Every artist we tie up with will have specific targets of designs per month.
  4. Designs will be judged into 3 types – good, average and bad.
    Good Average Bad
    Upto 3k cash + 10% royalty after 100 sales 15% royalty on all sales Rejected
  5. We will pay upto INR 3K/Design which will be decided by our in-house Designing team. Our design team will decide a fair price for the design based on sellability, feasibility, number of colors, complexity of the design. Our in-house team’s decision will be final and undisputable.
  6. Designers will get Royalty of 10% (on each pc sale) after 100 pcs of their Designs are sold.
  7. Average Designs will be put up on the website with a royalty of upto 15% per sale.
  8. If the Design is not upto the mark we hold the right to reject it at our own discretion. Reasons for rejection will be provided.
  9. Designers will get a dashboard to monitor the number of sales, their earnings and other analytics and reports about their submitted designs.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Designer’s should be ready for revisions in the design i.e. as per the inputs provided by our team.
  2. Design should be free from copyright issues. It shouldn’t be plagiarised from anywhere. We take matters of intellectual property extremely seriously and don’t entertain any artwork which may infringe upon anyone’s intellectual property.
  3. Design will be immediately removed from the store if it’s found to be infringing anyone’s intellectual property.
  4. Designer agrees to grant Tshirtwala worldwide royalty-free license to the design. Tshirtwala may use the artwork for any purpose whatsoever, and is free to sub-license the design to its partners & business associates.