Top 3 myths about t-shirt quality

Top 3 myths about t-shirt quality

  1. Thickness:

    For a long time quality of the t-shirt has been judged based on the thickness of the fabric. Most customers make a purchase decision based on these parameters. The right way to figure out a t-shirt quality should not alone be thickness but other factors like luster, hand feel, softness and last but not the least the comfort while wearing it.  Some t-shirts are very thin yet have an amazing quality which lasts longer and are very comfortable. This is due to extra processing (Like softner wash, enzyme wash, bio wash etc) done on the fabric. In fact, producing a finer fabric is a tedious task as it involves higher processing fees, more labor work, and increased production time. Thicker t-shirts may or may not have these qualities and can lack soft hand feel compared to the finer t-shirts (Thick fabrics are dense which can make the fabric rigid). Let us be open to change our perspective towards this quality myth for increased awareness and better shopping experience.

  2. Shrinkage

    Cotton do have shrinkage property because it is a natural fiber, unlike polyester which does not have very little or no shrinkage even after washing several times. If someone claims that there is zero percent shrinkage then that claim is false. Cotton t-shirts do shrink but it is managed within the tolerance limit of 2-3% and not beyond that. Next time someone claims their cotton t-shirts won’t shrink, contact us immediately. Even we are eager to launch shrinkage-free cotton tees 😀

    Tip – Pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts are the one which has less shrinkage compared to others. Try t-shirts from Tshirtwala and see the results for yourself.

  3. Color fading

    Every garment which undergoes dyeing will lose color but this is again maintained within tolerance level (Just like shrinkage property) and not beyond that. Color fading is a natural process which happens after the garment is washed a few times. All garments will fade with increasing number of washes. Except for white and grey, all other colors will fade after washing it a few times. Don’t trust people who say that it will never fade and help educate people around you.

    Tip 1– To decrease color bleeding of the t-shirt, use cold water and mild detergent for washing.  Never use hot water to wash your t-shirts, it leads to increased color bleeding.
    Tip 2 – Wash dark and light clothes separately and dry t-shirts by turning them inside out.

Tshirtwala takes care of all these things when making their t-shirts. Our goal is to make the best quality t-shirt at affordable rates.



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