Busting the 5 Common T-shirt Myths

 1. Shrinkage in Cotton T-shirts

This has been making a lot of buzz and still we do not have the right answer to this question. Let us give you a little bit detail about the cotton fibre which goes into making of a t-shirt. Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case. Due to the fragile qualities of cotton, it needs utmost care while washing. The bottom line to this myth is that cotton t-shirts do shrink but there is a certain tolerance standard which are followed. Minimizing shrinkage while processing of fabric ensures durability and longevity of the t-shirts. 
Pro Tip - Avoid using harsh detergents or too much detergent  and never wash your tees with hot water, use cold or luke warm water only.

2. Thicker the Fabric, Better the quality

For the general audience, this has always been a tough task to determine which t-shirt quality is actually better. It is perceived that thicker the fabric better the quality which isn't true. The truth is that there is more than thickness when it comes to evaluating the quality of a t-shirt. A lot of times the t-shirt fabric is processed multiple times to give it a better hand feel but in-turn reduces the thickness of the t-shirt. We can confidently say that in many cases thickness doesn't give the right judgement about the quality. Some parameters we should look for in a t-shirt quality are -
a) Thickness: T-shirt thickness is measured in GSM (Grams per square meter). The standard thickness are 160 and 180 GSM in round neck t-shirts.
b) The processing of fabric: Ask with the store keeper if the t-shirt is bio-washed or silicone wash. These wash helps to give the t-shirt longevity and durability.
c) Yarn type: Ask if the t-shirt is made of compact yarn, combed yarn or semi-combed yarn. Compact yarn is the best as it is extra soft compared to combed and semi-combed yarn.

3. T-shirts doesn't require maintenance

We don't bother much about caring for our beloved t-shirts and end up getting disappointed by them not lasting long enough. This myth is both true and false. T-shirt are low maintenance apparels however putting a little effort can increase the longevity of a t-shirt. Some quick tips are 
  • Do not wash after every use, wash when it's actually required
  • Use mild detergent and cold water
  • Wash dark and light colors separately 
  • Avoid use washing machine dryer for quick drying, it can deform the shape of the t-shirt
  • Wash the t-shirts by turning them inside out

4. Polyester t-shirts vs Cotton t-shirts

The use of both the Cotton and Polyester t-shirts is different but we often confuse between the usability of both. Cotton is always considered the superior fabric but Polyester t-shirts are better when it comes for delivering greats sports performance and is suitable for all types of athletes. It is not appropriate to say that Cotton is better than Polyester, both fabrics have their own uses and should not be compared.
With constant research and development, there are many blended options available today with poly-cotton fabrics. One biggest advantage of the blended t-shirts are that it has properties of both the fabrics where polyester gives durability and cotton provides softness to the t-shirt.

5. Good Print Quality as an effective indicator of T-shirt quality

With the discovery of various types of printing, lot of t-shirt makers are experimenting with different types of printing like High-density print, Discharge print, Direct to Garment print, Glow in the dark print etc. The printing quality has become a key parameter in judging the quality of t-shirts. 
We do not agree with this as print quality and fabric quality are two different things and it should not be confused with one another. Good print quality is not an effective indicator of t-shirt quality. In some cases the print quality might be really good but the fabric quality will be poor and not up to the mark. So when you buy t-shirts keep in mind to ask a few questions before you make a purchase decision.
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