Because t-shirts don’t have to be plain and boring…

We’re excited to announce the first edition of Tshirtwala t-shirt design contest. Put your design skills to test and compete with hundreds of super talented designers. Winners get cash prize along with their design on our super-comfy t-shirt.

Contest starts from 15th July and ends on 31st July. Winners will be declared by 5th August 2017.

Submit your art
How to submit
Starter Files
Terms and Conditions


  1. Participants may submit as many designs as they want.
  2. The designs must be 100% your own work. Please do not submit art that is produced by someone else. Proof of original source material may be required to be eligible for winning. Any designs which are not original work will be disqualified.
  3. We’re very serious about copyright issues and plagiarism. Please do not use images, artwork, protected symbols, logos or characters in your art.
  4. No sexual content or overly graphic violence.
  5. All submissions will be approved and rejected at Tshirtwala’s discretion. Tshirtwala’s approval or rejection of a design will be final and undisputable.


1st Prize: Rs. 5000 + a t-shirt
2nd Prize: Rs. 3000 + a t-shirt
3rd Prize: Rs. 2000 + a t-shirt


We will be selecting three grand prize winners, who will receive cash prizes. The 3 winning designs will be included as products in our graphic tshirt collection.

All winning artists  will maintain the rights to their art work and will receive royalties for every product purchased by customers. Please see our Terms and conditions for full details. Tshirtwala will not require exclusive license, however we require that artists keep their designs in our store for a minimum of 1 year.